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  • Larissa Ragonesi

Pie a Senior

Last Wednesday, May 11th, the Seniors, class of 2022, held a Pie a Senior fundraiser. In this event, every Upper school member or school staff was given the opportunity to pay 5 Reais to pie any senior during lunchtime or pay 60 Reais to pie all of the graduating class. The only non-student who ended up joining in to be pied was Ms. Marina, a Portuguese teacher and the 12th-grade advisor, who volunteered to participate in order to help her students. The class, together with Ms. Marina and the school staff prepared an area on the field protected with plastic just for this event. The seniors have developed a series of similar fundraisers, such as the Haunted House on Halloween and an Escape Room, to raise money for their graduation party.

To know what the seniors thought about how their fundraiser turned out, The Daily Hawk interviewed 12th graders on site. Charlie Mason was asked what she thought about the timing of the event and if she doesn't believe they were a little late since her class graduates in 30 days. To that, she said that she thinks it could have been planned before but the timing was this close to graduation on purpose because the money raised will be destined to pay the photographer, so the class preferred to wait to find a photographer they liked, in order to do the event already knowing how much money they would need. Julia Lima, the senior's class representative, mentioned that the idea was collectively developed by everyone in the Senior class. Daniela gave her opinion about the dynamic: “I think it was a good idea because it’s fun and it was not something expensive neither for us who organized it nor for the people who paid to give pies, besides that it brings a spirit of the union”. And finally, Eduardo Lacerda, the most pied senior: 50 pies were bought just for him! He said it was worth it because at least he could help the class in raising money.

At the end of the event, considering the people who bought the pies in advance and the people who ended up buying them there, the class raised approximately 1000 Reais.

The event was a success: it not only provided the seniors with an opportunity to have excellent documentation of their party but it also provided Upper School with a fun experience to pie the graduating students!

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