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Reaching the end with style - Closing Ceremony

Sadly, this ISSL season has come to an end with a closing ceremony that awarded all athletes and the schools that gave their best in this championship. The NR team made a video with short clips of moments the schools shared in the sports they played. During the video, the schools watching cheered for their athletes, keeping the spirit alive. The time for the awards came, and everyone was excited to be rewarded for their hard work. Boys basketball was the first to be announced-- EABH Hawks got 3rd place! 2nd place went to The British School of Rio Urca and 1st to St. Pauls. When the responsible for the awards called the school, the whole team went to the top of the stage, where they got their medals and took a group picture.

The next award to be announced was girls' basketball, which was almost identical to the boys' basketball, with the EABH Lady Hawks in 3rd Place, British Barra in 2nd, and St. Pauls in first. The same thing happened: the girls went to the front stage to get the medals and take the group picture. After the awards for the top 3 basketball teams were announced, the most valuable female and male players from each school were also awarded in which for EABH, Pedro Jorge and Anna Flavia Escobar won overall champions in basketball.

Next was the awards for boys soccer which unfortunately, EABH won nothing after placing 7th place in soccer. The top 3 were British Urca in 3rd place, St. Pauls in 2nd, and Nations in 1st. To compensate for the boys for not winning a medal for soccer, the girls didn’t win just any medal; they won 1st place in girls' soccer! 1st place was followed by Nations in 2nd place, and British Barra, who got 3rd. After the awards, the Overall Champions for soccer from each school were also awarded, just like in basketball. Gabriela Carvalho and Eduardo Calixto won the best players for EABH.

The last award of the season was for the school that won the overall championship, and this one went to the St. Pauls Lions. EABH got 2nd place and British Urca got 3rd. After the awards were done being distributed, the starting groups for next year’s ISSL first season were announced, and now the schools knew who they would play against next year. The ceremony ended after many pictures and hugs, and everyone went to the buses to head back home with pride.

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