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  • Mariana Prata

Reasons why everyone should have a cat

Most people love dogs because they are playful and easy to get along with. However, cats can also give more benefits and joy to their owners' lives. Cats can bring physical and mental health improvements, are apartment-friendly pets, and require much less space than dogs. This means that cats are, overall, a lot easier to care for than dogs.

Cats don’t require an owner’s effort with walking, training, and even giving attention the way dogs require. They don’t need much space and can live in the smallest homes;, other than that, they are quiet, and only meow when they need something -- as opposed to dogs, which often make noise due simply to movement or other trivial circumstances. Cats have good hygienic habits, and are a lot less likely to poop on the carpet than dogs are. Most cats like to hunt unpleasant insects, such as bugs and spiders, which will make your house pest-free. The best feeling ever is when the cat’s owner gets home from work or school and what they see is their cat spread out on the floor. Seeing that cute thing after a long and tiring day makes people forget their problems all at once, which even makes them feel more relieved.

Everyone should have cats because they can bring a lot of mental and physical health benefits. When adopting a cat, people gain a new little best friend and help save cats in need! Everyone deserves a chance to have this life experience of having a friend all day with them. Cats make their owner’s life a lot better, and even bring cuteness to their lives by showing them that everything can be slept on. Everyone should be able to feel this unique sensation of owning a cat.

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