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Reflecting on the Legacy: The Last Letter from the 23/24 Editors-in-Chief of The Daily Hawk

Dear readers, 

 How bittersweet it is to write our very last letter as Editors-in-Chief of The Daily Hawk. 

This newspaper has played an immense role in our lives. Last year, the leadership selection process had every opportunity to push us apart. We knew there had never been two Editors-in-Chief running our meetings; only one of us would be chosen. Fortunately, however, those in charge at the time could see unwavering love and respect for The Daily Hawk in both of our interviews; they were the first to recognize how we work better as a unit. After that, we were never apart. 

What a challenge, to run one of the largest clubs in school in an experimental form of leadership. After anxiously awaiting our decision email, we were thrilled to discover we would be working together on yet another project. At the same table, as soon as we read out the words "co-editors" we couldn't help but jump in excitement, screaming and holding hands. There was nothing but drive behind our plans. 

The Daily Hawk has been our main platform of personal growth throughout these past years. When we had our very first conversation as co-editors, we laid out our plans for the 23/24 academic year: what did we want The Daily Hawk to mean within EABH? We wished it to be an innovative environment that fuels creativity and grants opportunities to even the shiest of writers to voice out their thoughts. We desired this club would thrive, fostering in other students the love for journalism we developed in ourselves. 

Within this partnership, we are grateful for the opportunity to change the workings of the newspaper. This year, we implemented six issues, as well as a Holiday Special and, most importantly, The Daily Hawk's first-ever printed edition. We supported these projects with varied workshops, covering diverse essential topics in journalistic writing. Through our desire to expand the mediums in which newspaper members can express themselves, this year also contained podcasts, filmed interviews, and Instagram reels. Nevertheless, we wanted to broaden the media scene at school by offering a writing competition, more coverage opportunities, and occasions to shadow other clubs, such as MUN. We are proud to have given The Daily Hawk everything we had and to have fueled its potential. We can only hope that this marvelous club continues to grow and positively influence others exponentially.

As we depart EABH, we are privileged to leave you with one of the most amazing issues so far. It represents extensive growth in all of our writers and the culmination of all the effort put into The Daily Hawk throughout this past year. Although an epilogue for us, it is the opening chapter for people just as capable of writing a wonderful book. Amongst these pages, you will find pieces on the senior experience, StuCo elections, socioeconomic hardship, and pop culture events. What a pleasure it has been to build a legacy of open-mindedness and creativity within our favorite club. We are certain this newspaper will continue to soar and reach inexplicable heights. With hands typing fast and hearts beating even faster, we write our final words for The Daily Hawk. 

Thank you, and goodbye. 

Forever yours, 

Isabela Camargos & Luiza Ribeiro 

The Daily Hawk co-Editors-in-Chief

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