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Senior Send-Off: Remembering Our Seniors

We asked our departing seniors how they wanted to be remembered by our school. Here are their answers:

"Someone who was always happy and had a smile on his face every day."

- Victor Santos

"The dedicated and creative Dani."

- Dani Carvalho


- Ema

"The guy who sits around reading books. "

- Adrian

"Uma boa aluna, que tira notas boas e é muito criativa."

- Flávia

"Was happy most of the time and always there for people when I could."

- Júlia L.

"Someone who had drive and the ability to accomplish anything he put his mind to."

- John

"The kid who knew how to procrastinate and got everything done really well."

- Amartya

"Arthur Muralha: the best goalkeeper this school has ever had."

- Arthur

"Uma pessoa que foi presente, uma amiga. "

- Luma

"Someone who helped other people and left a positive impact on the school."

- Charlie

"A loving and caring person ."

- Júlia G

"A menina que, quando a grama tava molhada no ISSL, usou uma pantufa de pelo."

- Marcella

"Uma pessoa calma, tranquila e feliz, que sempre tá com a energia pra cima. "

- Pauline

"Uma pessoa legal."

- Lorenzo

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