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RioMUN 2022: EslayBH

The American School of Rio de Janeiro (Gávea campus) had the pleasure of hosting an MUN and JMUN conference from the 18th from the 20th of November; about 200 students from five schools participated. The Senior conference had four committees, each discussing two topics with different approaches: the Security Council, the Human Rights Council, the Paris Peace Conference (WWI) and Animal Farm. The Junior conference had two: the Junior Security Council and Captain America, Civil War. All the topics were very well chosen and pertinent to the current situation of the world. The event was very successful, but mostly for us - citing the words of Mr. B, “EABH slayed!”

The conference started with a ceremony, introducing EARJ Gávea, the headquarters, to the other participating schools: our EABH, EARJ Barra, British (Rio de Janeiro) and Concept (Salvador). An actual ambassador, who represents Brazil in Libya, gave a moving speech about the Russo-Ukrainian war to mark the start of the event. After that, a certain disturbance: there were six no-shows to the Animal Farm committee, resulting in its unfortunate termination. The delegates that were assigned roles in this committee, including EABH’s Alícia Ferreira, had to be integrated into other topics with little to no research. Alícia stepped up as Russia in the Human Rights Council and did an amazing job. Still on the first day, Ruby Appleton and Rafael Lacerda were asked to change delegations from Norway to China because they were too prepared for their topic, much more than the other delegations. Thus, they worked in a harder delegation, a country that is part of the P5 and therefore has veto power.

Besides the professionality of it all, the conference was brimming with funny moments, such as graphic anonymous love letters, humiliating chair dares, confessions and superlatives. Comedic comebacks were given by many delegates, including things like “first of all, I suggest therapy” and “excuse you!”. New countries were created, peace was achieved, nuclear war was declared and bombing innocent countries became an alternative for lack of argument. At Crises, students made contributions playing special characters like Vladmir Putin (with a very funny accent) and someone named “President Kong”, the new leader of Myanmar.

The conference’s closing ceremony was an utter victory for EABH: even though we were the school with the least delegates, we left with the most awards! In the Security Council only, the delegations of France (Tatiana Chen and Anabella Delgado) and Central African Republic (Laís Taranto and Giovana Muzzi) received Verbal Commendations, and Norway-China (Ruby Appleton and Rafael Lacerda) won Best Delegation. In the Human Rights Council, the United States of America (João Antônio Gomes and Isabela Prata) was also awarded Best Delegation. Furthermore, throughout the entirety of the conference, Isa Taranto’s Position Paper was awarded the best. The organization left something to desire, as technical issues were abundant and the staff got the names of about every single EABH delegate wrong (Isa Taranto being Isabela Oliveira, for example). Despite the confusion, the spirits when leaving RioMUN were at their highest, delegates and teachers proud of their accomplishments. Next semester, BraMUN is coming and EABH will, with certainty, prove its impressive MUN strength again!

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Alicia Ferreira
Alicia Ferreira
Nov 23, 2022



Tatiana Han Wun Cheun Chen
Tatiana Han Wun Cheun Chen
Nov 22, 2022

the delegates of eabh did so well!!!

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