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Second Win of the Day - Girls’ Basketball EABH v. Nations

Following the previous basketball game EABH’s Hawks played against Nations’ Cougars, the schools played each other once more, but this time in the female teams. The game started on the wrong foot for the Hawks, since the girls got close to scoring several points but the ball was not making it into the basket. Nations scored their first second-pointer with one minute and thirty seconds left in the first quarter, opening the placard 0x2. Close to the end of the first quarter, however, Marcela Borlido (6) scored a free throw, which was soon followed by another beautiful two-pointer. The tide changed, and EABH was winning 3x2.

The EABH crowd cheered loudly for their athletes throughout the game, while Nations did the same for their team. The second quarter started with Carol Bonato (14) scoring a point, followed by Annie Santos (12) and Summer Rose (17) scoring twice more. After this turnaround, the Cougars were getting heated, but the girls stayed stronger than ever. The game continued with multiple baskets scored by our girls; by the end of the third quarter, the score was 22x2.

The fourth quarter went a little different. The Cougars scored some points but did not pose any threat that the Hawks could not handle. The game concluded with a score of 26x6, and one more victory for EABH against Nations -- now two in a row. Throughout the whole game, all of the EABH athletes cheered for the Lady Hawks and even sang Justin Bieber’s Love Yourself together in a fun moment. In the end, EABH won while counting with the participation of every girl in basketball the team, each one of them playing beautifully and contributing to a great game. Stay tuned for the coverage of the first Hawks’ soccer game, coming soon to the Daily Hawk!

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