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2022 Senior Interviews

Updated: Jun 17, 2022

As we come to the end of another school year, we asked our departing seniors some questions before they leave us. Here are the interviewees:

Victor Santos

Daniela Carvalho

Ema Krajcovicova

Lorenzo Lemos

Adrian Uhlig

Flávia Lima

Júlia Lima

John Goepfert

Amartya Singh

Arthur Vallias

Luma Barreto

Charlie Mason

Júlia Guerra

Marcella Sisenando

Pauline Lambertucci

Question 1: What three words describe your experience at EABH?

Victor Santos: Grateful, family, united.

Dani Carvalho: Family, academics, sports.

Ema: United and passionate community.

Lorenzo: Aconchegante, divertida, amigos. Adrian: Fun, educational, caring.

Flávia: Família, única, especial. Júlia: Enjoyable, eye-opening, fun. John: Much leadership experience.

Amartya: Fun, memorable, wonderful.

Arthur: Family, home, community.


Charlie: Creativity, enthusiasm, friendship.

Júlia G: Amazing, fun, new.

Marcella: Acolhida, divertide, inteligência (aprendi muito).

Pauline: Feliz, divertida, inspiradora.

Question 2: Your favorite class/teacher and why?

Question 3: What makes EABH different from other schools?

Question 4: What are your plans for the future?

Question 5: What will you miss the most about EABH?

Question 6: What is your favorite school memory.

Question 7: How did you choose where to apply to?

Question 8: Where are you going to college?

Question 9: What about this school attracts you, or why did you choose it?