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Some Things Don’t Change - EABH v. OLM Boys Soccer

While the dispute for third place in basketball was happening in one place, the game for 7th place in boys' soccer against OLM was happening in another: the same way it was last season. To begin with, the game was delayed by several minutes because of the previous match that was taking place, and as a result, they started later than planned, with multiple players missing as well due to the simultaneous basketball match they were participating in. The coach brought in the reserves to make up for the missing people, but it still wasn't enough, so goalkeeper Massi (1) had to play up front, a very different position to the one he's used to.

The game started tensely, with the Hawks pressuring OLM to make mistakes. Cauã Magalhães (10) was fouled early in the first half and almost scored, but unfortunately didn't make it. With a large number of lights illuminating the fields, a blackout in the first 15 minutes of the game, was certainly not time efficient as it halted the game until they turned back on. By the time the lights came back, the basketball players had returned, and everyone was very playful and excited by the confidence that they would win, just like last year. The game continued, and the first half came to an end. The second half began with a lot of banter from the Hawks as well, and in the middle of it all, Eduardo Calixto (7) scored, opening the scoring and taking EABH into the lead. As the game wore on, the Hawks scored 3 more goals, one by Caua Magalhães, the other by Rafael Tinti (17), and lastly, Pedro Almeida (11). The game ended very well with 4x0, and finally the boys managed to win a game, and what a win!

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