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Spider Man 2 PS5: Was Insomniac Able to Improve the Previous Games? (MINOR SPOILERS)

Spider Man PS4 and the Miles Morales game are absolute masterpieces, and Spider Man 2 PS5 had what seemed to be an impossible task improving them. The next edition of the games not only managed to enhance them, but was able to maintain an absolutely incredible storyline that is on par with the ones from previous games, if not better.

Pictures of two famous New York City sites portrayed to perfection in Spider Man 2 → Link

The biggest new addition to Spider Man 2 PS5 is that they managed to deal with the fact that there are now two Spider Man in the game’s universe after Miles got taught how to use his newly acquired powers by Peter Parker. For those unfamiliar with Spidey lore, Peter Parker is the original Spider Man while Miles Morales is the second Spider Man that got his powers many years later. Now, instead of just controlling Peter or Miles in a game, Spider Man 2 PS5 enables the player to control both of them by enabling the user to switch between the Spider Men whenever they want. Additionally, each Spider Man has specific missions that only one of them can do, showing how each of them has different tasks because of their distinguished personalities and powers.

Picture of the newly added Web Wings → Link

This game not only made both Spider Man playable, but also improved some aspects of the previous games by removing the incredibly tedious amount of crimes required to complete for the 100% of the preceding games and by adding health bars to the boss fights. They also managed to add multiple new amazing elements to the game that completely changed the gameplay. Firstly, they expanded the map from the one in previous editions by adding Brooklyn and Queens to the already huge Manhattan map. The new parts of the map maintained the spectacular level of realism and detail from Manhattan, ensuring the quality of the expansion. Moreover, the new edition added a new transversal mechanic to the game, web wings. These not only make transversal faster and are incredibly fun, but they also enable the Spider Men to glide through the Hudson River incredibly fast without having to tediously cross one of the bridges every time they want to leave Manhattan’s island. Additionally, Peter and Miles got some new abilities (which include some heavy spoilers) to make them even more powerful and thus able to face the new incoming threats to New York City.

Picture comparing the map from Spider Man to to the new expanded Spider Man 2 map → Link

One of these new incoming threats is Kraven, a hunter who seeks to find an equal that is able to defeat him. He hunts for multiple Spider Man villains to see if they can beat him, but all of them fail and even the Peter Parker Spider Man ends up practically dying in a fight against him, but acquiring the Venom Symbiote ends up saving him. Kraven then declares the Symbiote as his equal, but this Symbiote leads the Spider Men to an even bigger threat than any other they have ever faced before.

Kraven the Hunter just before beginning his ‘Great Hunt’ → Link

Spider Man 2 PS5 is a masterpiece that in December might even win game of the year at The Game Awards (most prestigious gaming award). It managed to improve problems that fans didn’t even think needed to be improved from previous games and added new features that make the experience even more immersive and fun. The game is a must have for anyone with a PS5, and although the game isn’t very long, it will result in over 30 hours of pure entertainment if all side missions, which aren’t fillers, meaning that they would exist just to make the game longer, are completed.

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