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Squid Game, The Newest Addition to Netflix

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

Have you already noticed it? The new trend on Netflix makes your heart beat faster per second and is a thriller to watch. The one and only… Squid Game.

CNN: Why We're Squid Game Obsessed

It is #1 in Brazil, and its name is Squid Game. This show was announced in 2019 that it had started production. Not many people knew about this show back then, unlike now. Being so suspenseful and interesting, it is understandable why it would take nearly 2 years to make this series. With Covid-19 in its way, it took extra time to make. But now that it is out, it is awesome. Only 2 days after release, it has become, according to Netflix, #1 in several countries in the world. It contains one season with 9 episodes, while every episode is nearly 1 hour. This may seem like it is a lot, but trust me when I say, it isn’t…

Every movie/series that is launched on Netflix is amazing. Fans get so intrigued watching them and can spend hours watching them. But as the saying goes, every good thing has an end. There is always an ending that leaves viewers in curiosity. A new season can take many years to come out especially now in the Covid-19 era. This also applies to Squid Game. Production had started in 2019 and ended in 2021. This means each season takes 2 years! With squid game having only 1 season, this leaves many people wondering about the future of this movie, even me! I finished the series recently and am still talking and thinking about the show. This shows how good this film really is! But even with one season, I was very satisfied. Even though I am eager for a new season, I am still happy. Did you know that the director of the film, Hwang Dong-Hyuk, lost 6 teeth while making this series? This is because of the suspense and when I heard this, I completely understand why. The movie has A LOT of suspense. I would say some events that happened in the movie, but I remember, no spoilers. You are welcome.

Reddit: r/squidgame

I really recommend you to watch this series if you are interested in good movies. It will honestly steal your heart and make you fall in love with the characters like I did. And if you have reached this part, congrats. You can now proceed to watch the one and only, Squid Game.

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