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  • Thuptim Appleton and Luisa Rodarte

Starting on the Right Foot - Boys’ Basketball EABH v. Nations

The Hawks were ready for the first ISSL game of the season, as was made abundantly clear by their basketball performance this morning against Nations' Cougars. Eduardo Calixto (6) started the game by granting EABH the ball; our Hawks attempted to shoot hoops but never seemed to actually make it in the basket. This did not stop EABH, however, as the audience and benched athletes cheered loudly (most specifically chanting the classic "EABH, é um sentimento, que não pode parar") while Nations’ team stayed extremely quiet since they were losing. Followed by beautiful teamwork from Aidan Van Cleef (8), Eduardo Calixto (6), and Pedro Jorge (7), the first basket of the game was made, scoring 2x0. Pedro Jorge scored a two-pointer despite great defense from the opposing team, showing his athletic prowess. Right after, Eduardo Calixto attempted an ambitious shot that sadly did not go in. Spirits were lifted, however, as the audience applauded his attempt nonetheless, chanting his name. The Hawks started this ISSL on the right foot, leading with 5x0 by the end of the first quarter.

The cheering from EABH did not cease and somehow the shouts and claps were amplified with time. The Hawk's spirits were palpable, and every member of the audience was in awe of their team. Their defense continued to work amazingly, with the Cougars' attempted shots never making it in and always getting rebounds. Teamwork continued to thrive as a joint effort between Pedro Jorge and Eduardo Calixto resulted in a successful point, making the score 7x0. Cougars caught up to the Hawks but EABH's athletes did not give up and continued scoring baskets, guaranteeing a score of 9x5 by the time the second quarter was marked finished.

The third quarter started out with Tiago Loures' (5) outstanding defense. Not only this, but he had amazing offense, scoring a point against Nations (11x5). The Cougars' trend of making hoops but not getting them in subsisted as they attempted shots 7 times, yet none seemed to make it to the basket. The court became a dizzying scene as players were running up and down, both teams getting all rebounds possible. This was put to an end when Eduardo Calixto scored (13x5). The Nation’s coach was unable to contain his anger and lashed out at both his players and EABH’s. This created a commotion, but the referee was able to calm him down. Edward Mason (2) and Eduardo Calixto worked seamlessly together and scored a beautiful shot (15x5). Nations gained one more point within the last minute, making the third quarter's final score 16x5.

The Hawks maintained a substantial lead on Nations, which only seemed to become larger and larger. Tiago Loures made a two-pointer (17x7) while Eduardo Calixto evaded the other team’s defenders and did the same (19x7). The partnership between Pedro Jorge and Eduardo Calixto continued to prosper as they worked hand in hand. Immediately after, Edward Mason made it in with a layup (23x7). EABH seemed to be on a roll as Pedro Jorge attempted a layup himself and, while he didn't make it, Mathieu Lesage (10) rebounded and scored a two-pointer (25x7). This triple shot in a row elevated EABH’s lead to unachievable heights and they left the court victorious. It was made clear throughout this game that the Hawks are on fire and fully prepared for this first season of ISSL.

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