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Stranger Things Fans Can’t Believe What Got Announced This Year!

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

Stranger Things is a TV Show currently streaming on Netflix and one of the fan favorites in the past few years. For those of you that do not know anything about Stranger Things, it talks about a girl named Eleven and how she and her friends were able to combat some species. This is not accurate but, I recommend you to watch this series if you haven’t yet. I think that by now, the whole PLANET has seen this show. And because of this love for this show, the news that the creators of the show, Duffer Brothers, announced on Youtube and Netflix spread a jolt of excitement!

When this show was first released on July 15, 2016, nobody knew about it including me. But when it came to Netflix in 2019, its popularity reached the stars and beyond! This is because of the great cast, the great scenes, and how connected and emotional the fans got with the show. The actors were well picked for each scene because of how they were able to show their emotions. Some of them cried or did heroic actions which in the end, made this show become one of the best ones in the business. Both the Duffer Brothers and the cast of the show were able to gain fame and love. However, since the show only contained 3 seasons, each with episodes of around 45 minutes, fans longed for more and have been asking for a new season since late 2019. And after nearly two years, we got an answer officially from the creators of the show, Duffer Brothers.

Stranger Things 4 is coming in 2022! I am crazy about this show and I am so happy when this news got announced. But I wasn’t the only one. All the actors, now Hollywood stars, were also very happy to act once again in Stranger Things. One of the actors, Noah Schnapp recently said that “I look forward to this so much. It’s my favorite thing in the world, and I love working with these people. It’s like a family! I read the first four scripts, and they are amazing. I can’t wait to see where they go with the rest of the season.” Playing such an important part in the show, playing Will, fans trust him with their hearts. Being all terrific actors and charismatic people, the audience is already crazy for them. I am too since I have watched this show nearly 3 times! Along with an amazing cast, an extraordinary production, a well-thought-out script, and a complex plot, the series creates an interesting and fun balance between comedy and suspense.

But don’t get your hopes too high since Covid 19 has interrupted in a big form our beloved TV Show. When this news was announced to the world I thought, “ONE MORE YEAR!?” That is when I remembered Covid-19 has still not perished from our beloved world. That truly hurts me deeply in my heart. It delays the due time of the episodes and the scenes are harder to make. But, in an interview with one of the actors, Gaten Matarazzo, he said, “While impacting the show a lot, I think it’s a good thing because now they can focus on how they’re going to deliver the show to the audience.” Coming from Gaten Matarazzo, one of my favorite actors in the show, I believe him. This is also very true since the creators can think about how the new season is going to be and truly deliver what their fans are expecting and anxiously waiting for! While we’re waiting, make sure to check out the sneak peeks of the new season that the Stranger Things production has posted by clicking on the following links:

(Also, A Fun Fact- ʍou uʍop ǝpᴉsdn ǝɥʇ uᴉ ǝɹɐ no⅄ )

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