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StuCo candidates are out! Check out the possible representatives of the student body for 24/25.

As the end of the academic year is approaching, so are Student Council elections! This yearly event allows students from 8th-11th grade to run for a position in StuCo and represent their school community. To check out the candidates and why you should vote for them, continue reading the article below: 


Name: Larissa Ragonesi 

Grade: 11th 

Position I am running for: President 

Why I am the best candidate: "I can assure you that I am capable of the responsability of being the Student Council’s President as it is a role that I have been preparing myself for throughout the past 3 years not only being part of StuCo for 2 consecutive years, but also fulfilling in many other leadership roles, that help me grow as a better leader. I am immensely grateful for the EABH community as it allowed me to grow in every way possible, and it would be an honour for me to end this cycle by being the StuCo President at my last year at the school. I count on your support on Wednesday! Vote for Larissa Ragonesi for StuCo President!"

Name: Chase Mason

Grade: 9th

Position I am running for: President

Why I am the best candidate: "I have dedicated endless hours to StuCo in the past years, and have enjoyed building bonds and working for a better school environment. I have extreme dedication to the club and want to continue contributing in the President’s position."


Name: Ana Clara Quintão

Grade: 10th

Position I am running for: Vice President 

Why I am the best candidate: "I'm a dedicated leader with extensive experience, a kind and compassionate student who is committed to fostering a positive environment for all members of the school community."


Name: Carolina Costa Bonato

Grade: 9th 

Position I am running for: Vice President

Why I am the best candidate: "I believe I am a great candidate because I'm really interested in StuCo and in helping our community to become a better place. I'm involved in many clubs in school such as NJHS, where I was president for 2 years, the Leadership and Service Club, MUN, where I got an outstanding delegation award at my first MUN conference, and lastly Book Club where I am the reporter."

Name: João Maurício 

Grade: 9th

Position I am running for: Vice President 

Why I am the best candidate: I joined school not long ago, and have always felt the urge to make a difference in the community. I have great care for this school, and believe that being part of the StuCo group will help me achieve growth both personally and in our student body.

Name: Isabella Margalith

Grade: 8th 

Positon I am running for: Vice-president  

Why I am the best candidate: " I am here to walk the talk. It is not about the title, but the possibility of enriching our school experience with all the best of my abilities, contributing to unforgettable positive moments here at our school for the rest of our lives."


Name: Stella Vorcaro 

Grade: 9th 

Position I am running for: Secretary  

Why I am the best candidate: "I believe I am the best candidate for the secretary position because I have proven my dedication and communication skills in past experiences and I am fully committed to being a dedicated member, striving to represent the student's voices and having a positive impact on the school." 

Name: Bianca Birman 

Grade: 8th White

Position I am running for: Secretary 

Why I am the best candidate: "I am a social and organized person, my goal is to make a positive impact on the student body and because of that I am the best candidate for secretary!"

Name: Laura Lima 

Grade: 8th White

Position I am running for: Secretary 

Why I am the best candidate: "I am a very competent and responsible student, I’m a hard-worker and I put a lot of effort into what I do. I also like to help the community in and outside the school and the people who are part of it. I also think that being part of Stuco is a big responsibility, it takes time and discipline in order to provide positive impacts in EABH. Those are characteristics I believe to have dominated through the 7 years I've been part of this amazing community." 


Name: Tiago Loures

Grade: 11th

Position I am running for: Treasurer

Why I am the best candidate: "I am someone who has been in the school for over eleven years and I thus know very well the responsabilities of a StuCo officers. I really like numbers and am quite organized, highlighting why I am the perfect candidate for the treasurer position"

Name: Letícia Fialho

Grade: 9th 

Position I am running for: Treasurer

Why I am the best candidate: As a responsible, honest and transparent person, who has past experience on financial management at a school environment, I would be the right candidate for StuCo's Treasurer. You can count on me for a bright, prosperous and impactful future at EABH.

Name: Helena Dias 

Grade: 8th 

Position I am running for: Treasurer 

Why I am the best candidate: "I believe that I am the best candidate for the position because I am currently a part of StuCo and have been in leadership positions in other clubs in the school as well, these experiences gave me a lot of skills that made me prepared to fulfill the role of treasurer. I also guarantee that I am a very committed person, so I would always be 100% dedicated to everything I would do in the role, besides the fact that I work really well with numbers and money, which are crucial characteristics for a treasurer." 


Name: Julia Jorge

Grade: 10th 

Position: Reporter

Why I am the best candidate:  "As a creative and open-minded student, I've cultivated my communication skills through a public speaking program in London and my expertise in social media through the development of my Instagram product for the Personal project, giving me essential marketing skills for being the perfect StuCo’s reporter. I'm committed to do everything in my power to represent each and every EABH member with excellence."

Name: Clara Ribeiro

Grade: 8th Blue

Position I am running for: Reporter

Why I am the best candidate: “My name is Clara Ribeiro and I am running for reporter. I am someone who is dedicated to our school community, being a part and officer of various clubs! I guarantee all of you that if I am elected, I will be the best reporter I can be, keeping you all updated on StuCo’s announcements!”

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