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The Best Games in App Store

Videogames are a huge influence in our day to day lives, due to the easily accessible entertainment, and according to the Insider, 15% of iPhone users are interested in the apps they download for the first month, and after six months of use it narrows it down to 5%. This might be caused by the repetitivity of some games, or maybe because you simply have done everything there is to do in it. That's why I will help you download great games that you won't get bored of and won't let you down: I will point out the best games for you to have, their flaws and their pros. (In my humble opinion).

3rd place - Fortnite.

Fortnite is a 3D shooter game. Each player starts by falling from an airbus and parachuting down to an island with many biomes. The goal of the game is to elinate everyone while a storm damages everyone who is outside of its area, which is in a circular format. Either with teams or by yourself. There are more than 65 weapons in the game, each with a different level of rarity, damage, and skill. There are also several items that can heal and shield you, and some even produce a bouncy platform.

This game, despite being very interesting, has a very long loading screen and a somewhat toxic community. This community is often formed by lower kids that can't handle losing and often swear and scream at other players. There are also items in the game that are extremely expensive to buy, and won't affect your gameplay at all. Lastly, it is a game that has a long duration and is very addictive. If you are in the middle of the game and you are called by someone it can be very hard to accept defeat and leave the game.

2nd place - Minecraft.

Minecraft is a sandbox game, and is one of the most famous ones in the app store. There are over 1050 unique blocks and 150 of them unobtainable without creative mode, a mode where you are basically a god, and have access to all the blocks and you can fly, or commands which are advanced ways of making more complicated builds and even machines using the chat option. Minecraft has endless features including redstone commands and architecture. The main game modes are survival -- in which you mine or hunt for items and eventually fight the ender dragon and beat the game -- or creative, where you are invincible and have every item at the palm of your hand. There are almost infinite different types of world you might stumble upon, making a repeated world nearly impossible. There is a computer version and a mobile version of Minecraft, being computer versions more efficient and expensive. There are also servers that people create, so you can play with and against many people on many minigames.

Minecraft has a long loading screen, so if you would like to switch from another app to Minecraft you would have to wait a lot. After you beat the ender dragon on one world, the game starts to get a little boring, sometimes even before that, like when you start to get really overpowered and you eventually forget about most of your worlds. The servers sometimes are the best alternative to what you should do, but the loading screens and the wait to play is sometimes too much.

1st place - Clash royale.

Clash royale is a game made of pure strategy. Where you need to destroy the opponent's towers while preventing them destroying your’s. There are 107 cards in the game, each having their rarity and an ability that makes them unique. When you enter, you are able to select what cards you want to use in the game and what cards you might want to trade if you are in a clan. When starting a normal match, the arena has a crack in the middle and two bridges on the sides, having at each side two auxiliary towers that shoot arrows and the main tower that shoots a cannonball when either damaged or one of the auxiliary towers is destroyed. With your elixir charges, you can make your cards come to life and defend yourself or attack the enemy: you get to use eight cards and you select one of four cards to use, and as you use them the rest of the eight cards pop up for you to use. While you play, you have to attack and defend at the same time from your opponent. When you win you get trophies and pass arenas, which unlock possibilities to different cards.

This game doesn't have many downsides, except that if you pass arenas too quickly, you might not get good cards from each arena and you will be constantly at a disadvantage in your games because of the bad cards. Also, people might hate the fact that you are constantly betting your trophies, in a chance of not always winning and having to bet them again and again in order to win.

These are the three best games on the app store. They are always being updated and improved to fit the taste of more users and increase the quality of the games in general, so I highly recommend installing them (if you haven't already) if you’re in search of a fun and interesting pastime!

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