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The Crow

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

Part 1

Aurora Beach Power Plant, June 23, 2036.

It starts in this power plant, a huge one, a very big one indeed. In its white hallway, a man dressed in a yellow, protective suit armed with a gas mask, carries a cage, a cage with a crow in it. He uses an access card to enter a large room with three chambers. In the first chamber lay a cage with an ant, in the second, one with a cat, and in the last chamber, the man placed the crow’s cage in it. He activated the chambers, placing them at maximum power.

[female robotic voice] “Test procedure initiated, 30 seconds until the merge.”

The man retreated behind a thick glass barrier. A bright light flashed and after a few seconds,

[female robotic voice] “Test procedure is done.”

The man slowly moved to check all the chambers--only the crow and the cat had survived, so he took both of the animals and started frantically hurrying from the power plant.

Other workers glanced up at the sight of this man running down the hallway and went to check the room he came from.

Unfortunately for them, they found a bomb implanted in the power room ticking down the last five seconds. They tried to run, but the door closed and the last thing they saw was the man running toward the exit.

The man entered his rusty old pickup truck and started it, slamming on the accelerator and barely escaped one of the biggest explosions ever witnessed at a power plant. Flying debris, broken computers in the ground, dead bodies, lots of destruction, but for some strange reason, the crow and the cat still survived. But the mysterious man did not, since the explosion made his car tip over.

Sometime later, the ambulance and the firefighters came and found the crow and the cat. They released both of them into the wild and gathered the man’s now melted body, which was already beginning to decompose to the bone.

Part 2

On the next day, Kyle called Matthew over to his apartment to tell him what had happened.

[Matt] “Oh my god, man! YOU, man, YOU have POWERS!”

[Kyle] “No I don’t, it was just a small incident in the last couple of days, that’s all.”

[Matt] “Here Kyle”, he said, opening his hand and putting it in the air). “Punch my hand.”

[Kyle] “Why?”

[Poe] “Because I said so. Go on, I just wanna test something.”

[Kyle]” Ok then.”

Kyle raised his fist and punched Matthew’s hand. Matt was thrown from the couch he was sitting on and flew right onto a wall, almost smashing it.

[Matt] “Yep, you definitely have powers”, he said with difficulty. “Super strength specifically.” [cough]

On the next day, Matthew invited Kyle to his home. Matt’s house was a mansion, with a pool and a garage with loads of fancy cars. ut Poe didn’t invite Kyle there to hang out: the purpose of the visit was to discover Kyle’s powers in his gym.

[Kyle] “Are we really gonna train here?”

[Poe] “Nope, we are going to train here.”, he said, pressing a button, and immediately a wall opened and a luxurious room appeared, full of heavy weights, a special chamber for advanced training, and various other technological gadgets.

[Kyle] “Wow, where did you get all of these things? With the government?”

[Poe] “You know I don’t trust the government. I got all of these gadgets with the Official Hero Academy, more specifically, O.H.A.”

[Kyle] “Oh yeaaah, you work there as the Night Ninja.”

And after that short conversation, Poe started testing Kyle to see what his powers were.

Poe discovered that Kyle had super strength after he completely bashed two of his punching bags and lifted a whooping one hundred kilograms with no struggle at all.

[Poe] “Ok, now let’s see how you perform inside that advanced training chamber.”

[Kyle] “Wait, what? You can’t put me there yet, I need more training!”

[Poe] “I know that you can do this!”

[Kyle] “All right, I’m gonna try.”

Kyle entered the wide chamber and started the training. Five robots appeared from the floor, and pulled out laser guns, harmless ones, just to simulate. Poe had given some kunais to Kyle for him to use against the robots. They ran towards Kyle and tried to shoot him, but he dodged the lasers and threw a kunai in the head of one of the robots. It fell hard on the ground, but that wasn’t the end. Another metallic A.I. ran towards Kyle, but he was quicker, punched the robot in its face and a spike appeared from his hand, violently piercing the robot’s face. A metallic sound was made behind Kyle’s back, announcing the presence of another robot and making him kick it in the face, once again, but this time it was different. Another spike appeared from under his heel, piercing the robot's face. He threw a kunai in another robot, this time hitting his chest, and finished the last one by hitting it with his new spikes in his hand.

Poe and Kyle were amazed at Kyle’s brand new hand and foot spikes.

[Kyle] “Coooooool!! I like these!”

[Poe] “Kyle, those are amazing! I saw your performance with the kunais, so take these.”

Poe handed Kyle several small kunais, with no handle, and a black mask to cover his identity.

[Poe] “You just need to press that little button to see a handle, ok?”

[Kyle] “Got it.”

Some weeks later, Kyle was super excited: it was graduation day, and he was finally getting his degree in sociology. He was so excited that he asked Poe if he could come, not in normal clothes, but in his Night Ninja suit, to impress everyone. In Aurora Beach College, Kyle went up the podium to receive his diploma.

[Kyle] “Good morning everyone, I would like to thank my mom and my dad for supporting me until here. Lauren, thank you for tolerating me every time I mess things up, and my old friend Poe who is not here today, but mostly, my good friend…

…NIGHT NINJA!” [Night Ninja makes a cool entrance by jumping from a small building and falling to the ground with a pound.]

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