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The Desperate Dispute for Third Place - EABH v. PASOA Boys Basketball

The dispute for third place was on with EABH Hawks going up against the PASPOA Huskies in boys basketball. This game started a little differently because co-captain, Pedro Jorge (7) was not playing due to an injury on his shoulder, and Coach Fred was not coaching due to technical disputes that occurred in the last basketball game. The Hawks opened the scoreboard with 4x0, but they were holding on to the ball for too long, which made the score stay static for quite some time. The Huskies started to catch up, but Mathieu Lesage (10) did a 3-pointer and tied the score (7x7). The first quarter ended with Edward Mason (2) making a free throw and scoring 2 baskets.

Right at the beginning of the second quarter, the Hawks make a basket, but the Huskies also make one right after them (11x9). After some time, PASPOA turned the tables and led the scoreboard. The coach for the opposite team asked for a quick break, and the Hawks used that time to focus and return to where they started. The break ended, and somehow, the placard was at 11x14, but Eduardo Calixto (6) wouldn’t let that happen, so he made a 3-pointer in the last second and equaled the score (14x14)

The third quarter started well for the Huskies, with them having the ball for most of the time, but although they had the ball, the Hawks’ defense was so impressive that they didn’t score. Suddenly, PASPOA made various baskets and were way above the Hawks in the placard, with 14x19. The Huskies had an excellent player, and his offense was outstanding, so they managed to start scoring plenty again. The Hawks frequently passed the ball, but after some time, they made another basket, but still not enough to tie with the Huskies, so the third quarter ended with 18x22.

Finally, the Fourth quarter started, and with that, the last quarter that the Hawks would play in this championship, so they were very dedicated to winning. The opposite team started making some baskets, leading the scoreboard, but our Hawks would not give up this easily, so we made some baskets and started to get close to a tie. Everyone was nervous at this point: the athletes and bystanders in the crowd, but it was with only 2 minutes left that EABH finally got to tie the score with 27x27. The Hawks were going crazy and played a bunch of baskets, and with that, the crowd went wild and started screaming the players' names. Right at the end of the game, the time glitched and increased a few seconds, but the EABH athletes handled it well, and the game was finally over. EABH won against the Huskies with a close score of 34x31 placing third for boys basketball this first season of ISSL.

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