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  • Laís Taranto

The fall of PASB: EABH destroys at futsal 

April 5th, 12:00 pm

The futsal game between EABH and PASB that took place today (05th) was the Lady Hawks's third game of the season and first of the day. As soon as the game started, it became obvious to the audience that this would be a tense one. The PASB girls already started very aggressive, but the Lady Hawks did not let that affect them. 

Almost as soon as the game started, the PASB girls were fouled after knocking down Marina (10), one of EABH’s very own. Gabriela Carvalho (09) was the one to carry out the penalty, but the Panthers' goalie caught it. The game resumes with a Panthers attack and charge at the goal, but Annie (02) skillfully stopped the ball from going in. The PASB girls regained control of the ball and attacked again, this time being stopped by Gabi Carvalho. 

The Lady Hawks then took control of the ball and Laura Calixto (99) attempted a goal but unfortunately missed. Regardless, the game continued with intense dispute. Both teams seemed to be giving their all and, during a dispute for the ball, Marina (10) was even able to steal the ball from a PASB player while lying on the floor after being knocked down. 

The Hawks carried out an attack, but the Panther stole the ball and counterattacked. With no EABH players in the defense to stop them, it was up to Annie, who impressively caught the ball on its way into the goal. The game became even more intense and, soon after, Laura Calixto got hurt; however, demonstrating true Hawks grit, she got back on her feet after only a few seconds of interrupted game and continued to fight her way to the Panthers’ goal. 

The first half was almost running out of time when Gabi beautifully stole the ball from the Panthers and moved towards their goal, scoring the Hawks' first goal of the season with only five seconds left on the clock. The first half ended favorably for the Lady Hawks with a score of 1-0.

The second time started and the energies were through the roof. Within 30 seconds the Panthers succeeded in passing through EABH’s defense and scoring a goal, tying the score at 1-1. The PASB girls were getting very aggressive and soon a player received a yellow card after pushing Marina. After the revolted crowd settled down, Marina got up and was quickly in control of the ball again. She crossed the court, passing the ball to Gabi, who nearly scored a goal.

The Panthers stole the ball back and tried making their way into EABH’s goal, but Calixto skillfully regained control of the ball and moved towards the Panther’s goal instead, despite three of the PASB girls attempting to steal it back. Anna Pulga (05) ran in and Calixto passed the ball to her. She immediately charged at the goal, scoring beautifully; the ball hit the post before going in and gave the lead back to EABH, with the score now at 2-1. 

The Panthers attempted to tie with EABH but Annie protected the goal valiantly. Gabi Carvalho tried for  another goal, but the Panther’s goalie was able to catch it. With ball possession back with PASB, the opposing team tried to score another goal but was stopped by Annie yet again. 

The Lady Hawks carried out yet another amazing attack but the Panther’s defense was strong, and despite attempts from both Anna Pulga and Calixto, they weren’t able to score another goal. The EABH girls dominated the rest of the game, attempting goals more times than the Panthers and with a strong defense that made any attempts from PASB impossible. With that, the game ended with the EABH girls jumping in the air in celebration while the EABH students invaded the court.

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