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  • Alice Del Bianco

The Haunted House

Have you ever had to saunter through empty halls of a cursed high school, with cold sweat running down your face? Has it ever happened that, as you entered and left small, damp classrooms, you felt the firm grip of a dead corpse, puxing you down as you tried to run desperately to the next room, where you would, again, run into another terrible scene? Maybe a gruesome bloody murder caused by unknown, or a person playing the grand piano as sentences written in blood repeated itself on the rotten walls of the abandoned room, creepy teachers eating body parts of… irrelevant students, staring straight into your soul as they wave the severed hand in an greeting motion, a psycho look in their eyes. (I'm talking about YOU, MR.TULIO). No? Well, then the closest thing to it was the Haunted highschool halloween experience, that happened at our school on november 28th, 2023. Let's talk about it.

Like in the other halloween events in EABH, the seniors create a haunted house type of activity for the other students. I personally never went on one until this year, where my curiosity couldn't last any longer to see how the seniors had planned to scare kids this year. When I entered the school, back in second grade, that year's seniors made a haunted bathroom (please warn me if I'm incorrect), then third grade was during the pandemic, so no haunted house, then a haunted hospital, then a circus last year. I had never had the guts to go on any, but when I was assigned the mission to write about this year's haunted house experience, I had to do it. But let's stop talking about me, but about the PLOT.

You and about 10+ other people are assigned to help an old, forgotten school run by Miss Kerry, the principal, and, as we learn later, one of the only sane people in that building. She offers you a seat in a little room, empty except for some simple chairs and a TV. She soon starts talking about why we had been called there, telling stories about "students mysteriously disappearing" and "teachers acting strange" to put it lightly. She references the student who started it all, a high schooler known by the name of Jonny. He was described by other students during an interview that Ms Kerry showed us in the little TV room as " Nice until IT happened". He got no context of what "It" was. She kept explaining how dangerous and creepy that student was, and how if we saw one, we should run when…Something forced its way into the room! The principal and other students that were with us shrieked, horrified, and forced their way out of the room. Your instincts only tell you one thing in this moment of confusion and horror: "Jonny, run!"

The group runs to the second room, where your eyes meet a gruesome scene. Two corpses lie on the ground, blood spattered all over. But the look on the dead girls' faces, you can tell they are students. In the middle of the classroom is a black stage, where a kid is throwing a chair in an up-and-down motion aggressively. He stops beating the chair to scream with all his might " Where's Johnny, what did you do to Johnny!?", until, in an attempt to get his answer, he jumps from the stage's platform, to land on the floor, right next to Ms.Kerry. As clockwork, the moment the insane student's feet touch the ground, the dead rose from their positions, crawling and grabbing people by their feet, hair, or any part they could get. The group, once again, shifts from one room to another, trying their best to avoid the limb grabbing cadavers. We entered a piano room, with a girl standing beside, watching as her friend played beautiful, unsettling music. We are introduced to another kid, who would get close to you as if they could be their friend. As expected, most people declined the lovely offer of the crazy girl. Mr. Tulio enters the conversation, blood spattered down his mouth and clothes. He starts apologizing to the girl for eating her friend, and it just got really awkward!

I personally was more than ready to leave, as was most of the group, but he offered to explain what was happening, and who was the kid he just ate. However, the moment he left to grab some materials, the girl in the piano and Miss Kerry screamed " We have to get out, it's not safe!". Those were the best words I had heard all day. The group runs fast to the closest room, which happened to be the bathroom.( I can't narrate this part so well, because I was not fully in the room, but I'll try) Someone, for some reason, chose to start screaming Bloody Mary, who, if you didn't know, is an urban legend about a spirit that haunts bathrooms, that, if you scream their name, they appear. Our group didn't even wait to see what happened, we just ran! By then, it was just a messy blur of people grabbing our ankles, and everyone screaming, and blood, and more screaming, until we found the exit and got out.

It was scarring, but, in a mess-up way, incredibly satisfying to go to the haunted high school. The thrilling surprises and jumpscares just made it better. I really hope to go to another one soon.


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