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The Super Bowl

The Super Bowl final occurred on February 12th, 2023. In this game the champion of the AFC (conference that half of the teams participate in), the Kansas City Chiefs, and the champion of the NFC (conference that the other half of the teams participate in), the Philadelphia Eagles, played against each other. Winning the AFC and the NFC is like winning the semifinals of a tournament and getting a trophy for it; however, the game that actually matters for the NFL championship and the Vince Lombardi trophy is the Super Bowl. Besides the tense thriller between the Eagles and the Chiefs, the Super Bowl always features a Halftime show, which this year was performed by no one other than Rihanna herself.

Rihanna's half time show and its moving platforms.

The show was pretty nice; Rihanna did not invite a single costar and sang parts of the songs that made her famous, including Diamonds, Umbrella, and many others. The performance included multiple dancers and platforms hanging from the ceiling of the stadium that moved up and down with Rihanna on top of one of them. The show overall had a solid repercussion with most people liking it but not considering it as the best Super Bowl Halftime show ever.

Now let's move to the main attraction of the Super Bowl: the actual game, which brings millions and millions of fans from all over the world to watch it. The game itself was incredible, with both teams playing well and having a disputed game. The Eagles had their quarterback Jalen Hurts playing extremely well and almost leading his team to glory, if it were not for the Chiefs’ Patrick Mahomes playing admirably (even with an injured ankle) and one of its linebackers, Nick Bolton, having the game of his life forcing a fumble and scoring a touchdown from it. The game ended 38 - 35 for the Chiefs, who were able to turn the score after going out to halftime losing 21-14.

The game may have been great, but the refs were very questioned afterwards. The first dubious call was when they said that AJ Brown, a wide receiver from the Eagles, did not have control of the ball when a Chiefs player forced a fumble on him. The second questionable call is that the refs said Dallas Goedert, the tight end from the Eagles, had control of the ball when he caught the ball while almost out of the field. The last questionable call, the one that made all the news highlights, was when the refs called a pass interference for the Chiefs during a 3rd down play at the end of the game; if the pass interference had not been called, the Chiefs would have had to kick the field goal and return the ball to the Eagles with a lot of time left for them to tie or turnover the scoreline.

After the game, Patrick Mahomes, who is currently considered as the best player in the NFL, won the MVP for the match and lifted his second NFL trophy in his 6 year career. The Chiefs had only won the NFL once before Mahomes arrival, showing how this player changed the history of the club.

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