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  • Gabriela Muzzi

The words of the EABH delegates are making a big difference in the conference

This Saturday, February 24th, was the second day of the complex Minas MUN conference at EABH. Today, in the Special Committee, the EABH delegates showed good participation and fantastic arguments. 

There were many discussions regarding the separation of races in school institutions. The two sides had great resolutions considering how hard it was to find a middle ground. 

One pair must be acknowledged: Carol Bonato and Helena Peli, that fell in the MUN world by parachute. Despite having joined this conference last minute, they made a significant performance in the meeting. Carol Bonato fiercely stated her speech against the separations of races in schools.

As a response to her speech, Helena Peli asked “Kids all their lives have been taught this race difference and you will put them together in an instant?” Carol then answered “You’re saying that the kid is the one being taught, but the truth is that you were taught that, so it’s your decision!” Both made very good points since they represented their delegates justly and elaborated answer on the tip of their tongue.

Carol stated made very important statements throughout the conference. She explained what true equality is and showed how the notion of "seperate but equal" is not real. She was very active and made several questions. One of her quotes that most stood out was “We are all humans and we think the same way”, and that represented a big part of the arguments being made.  

Last but not least, Isa Taranto, representing Oliver Brown, did an excellent job at elaborating questions for the other delegates. For exemple, while one of the delegates talked about changing the difference in education between black and white kids, but without changing the legislation, Isa asked “How do you propose that we change society if you aren’t willing to change the legislation?”. Ths was an excellent question, demonstrating she was paying attention to what the delegate was proposing. 

This shows that our EABH delegates were really committed to their work, digging very deeply for the information and perspectives they needed. 

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