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Top 5 Halloween Stories that Happened in Real Life

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

1. During a Halloween trick or treating night, a man died mysteriously on his own house's porch. He stood there dead during the entire night and no one noticed. The next morning the mailman was delivering packages and cards as usual when he saw the dead body. Instead of getting shocked and alarmed, he thought it was a Halloween decoration. The man sidestepped the deceased and delivered all the corpse's mails to his house.

2. Werewolves are men who share themselves normally during the day, but during full moon nights, they become hybrid wolves (half-wolf, half-man). In New York, during nights of a full moon, the police answered many calls of a man who howled at cars on the road. Heather Kelly, a hotel concierge even said that some men behaved differently during these nights. She said that they were more agitated and that she had to be more careful on these days.

3. Vampires are a traditional monster/Halloween costume inspiration for a long time. They are creatures that feed on people's blood. According to stories they are affected by sunlight, crucifixes, garlic, etc. Also, they can't enter any house without being invited in. In 1977/1978 a man named Richard Chase was known as the "Sacramental Vampire" because he kidnapped, eviscerated, and drank the blood of 6 innocent people. During his judgment, he even said he chose victims randomly but for some reason did not enter houses whose doors were closed…

4. The headless horseman, according to the stories told, was a soldier who fought during the American Revolution and had his head decapitated (1776). The body of the soldier was buried in a cemetery near a church and it is said that he came out of there to haunt the city. One day, just before dinner for a guest on a farm, the owner went to behead one of his chickens, trying to leave as much neck as possible, because his guest liked chicken necks. The dinner took place and the next day, when he went to pick up the chicken's corpse, the owner saw the chicken sleeping normally. The ax cut left enough brain matter for the chicken to live. She could live normally for 18 months until she choked on food.

5. Just like vampires, witches are typical figures of Halloween. They have big noses with warts and use brooms to get around. For most people, witches are just characters for Halloween, but for others, and specifically for some villages in Ghana, they are more than that. There, many women are accused of witchcraft. Whenever something strange happens, the accused are taken to "concentration camps for witches", where they have to prove that they don't do magic by drinking chicken blood.

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Michelle Trindade
Michelle Trindade
Oct 27, 2021

Outstanding! Thanks for the amazing account of Halloween


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