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Tough match for the Hawks against the Lions - Girls Basketball, EABH v. St. Paul’s

The Lady Hawks faced St. Paul's for the first time since the Lions' triumph last year. Off to a bad start for EABH, St. Paul's scored a 2-pointer almost immediately after the game commenced (0x2). The Lady Hawks fiercely attempted multiple shots to regain advantage -- but, sadly, they were not successful. A trend within this game was to run up and down the court, as watchers had to shake their heads every minute. Anna Flávia Escobar (5) got a two-pointer in but, unfortunately, the St. Paul’s players scored a two-pointer immediately after (2x6). The first quarter concluded with a lucky miss from St. Paul's and an outstanding grab from Anna Flávia.

Both teams kept on scurrying up and down the court, with EABH putting up strong defense. These efforts, however, were not enough; the Lions’ skilled players had an even stronger offense. St. Paul’s team seemed to be getting too aggressive and pushed over several EABH players.

Right after Coach Tamara and Fred called a timeout, the Lady Hawks came back strong with a two-pointer. St. Paul returned the favor and scored a two-pointer followed by a three-pointer. This was a bad quarter for the Hawks, but they continued to stand strong (6x11).

The third quarter was off to a great start with a two-pointer -- changing the score to 8x11 -- and a beautiful block by Annie Santos (12). St. Paul's, nevertheless, continued to retaliate, eventually driving the placard to read 8x15. Annie, who was on fire, scored a free throw and kept getting as many rebounds as possible. EABH Hawks kept shooting but the ball never seemed to make it in, while the Lions' were able to score quite often. Mafê Valerinho (7) ended the third quarter gracefully by scoring a two-pointer within the last 5 seconds (11x21).

St. Pauls continued to be overly aggressive with both defense and offense (11x23), but this did not discourage EABH. Annie Santos and Julia Barros (25) collaborated for a rebound followed by a two-pointer, making evident the Lady Hawks' athletic and teamwork abilities (13x23). The rest of the game went on as it did before: a dizzying sight of rebounds, attempted baskets, and running teenagers; St. Paul's' team continued to lead due to their aggressive tactics. Lydia Pfile, team captain, scored a two-pointer with just three seconds on the clock, concluding the game with 15x25. While the Hawks may have been defeated, their collaboration was commendable and their grit was fierce as they continue to do their best and make the most out of every game. This may not have been a win, but it was a well-fought battle.

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