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VMAs Fashion Review

Many of today's most famous music stars attended this year's VMAs, an event well known for the wildness and variety of outfits that the attending celebrities wear. This year we had artists like Taylor Swift, Lizzo, and Lil Nas X with fabulous garments that surely left their mark.

Taylor Swift, one of the nominated celebrities of the night, wearing a beautiful Oscar de la Renta mini dress draped in crystal chains. Although it is not a very eye-catching dress, it drew a lot of attention due to the fact that she doesn't appear to be wearing anything underneath it, creating this beautiful illusion that she's dripping in jewelry.

Lizzo, wearing a Jean-Paul Gaultier Gown. This is a really fun and unique outfit that clearly got a lot of attention. The boisterous black dress looked stunning on her and, in my opinion, was one of the best looks of the night.

Lil Nas X, wearing a very spacious feathered

look by Harris Reed. It is a dazzling

and creative outfit, where part of the singer's personality shines through the topless garment. It made a big impact with the spacious skirt and hat, making it one one of the best looks of the night.

Dove Cameron, wearing a black sleeveless gown featuring Paco Rabanne. Dove had a gothic moment with this dress, and even though it's expressing the new style she's currently embodying, I don’t think the dress itself made a good impact; it's too simple and out-dated, giving the whole outfit a weird and old aesthetic.

Avril Lavigne, keeping it casual with a full Versace long-sleeved black T-shirt and matching cargo pants with a chain. This was the only Versace look that we saw on the night, and even though it was very simple, I can’t imagine Avril with a big and fluffy gown, so I think it fitted her perfectly.

Måneskin, wearing matching black looks by Gucci. The Italian rock band always finds a way to put their goth aesthetic into their looks, but it doesn't always work. In my opinion, the outfit is a 50/50; I liked Ethan's (the first one on the left) and Damiano's (3rd on the left) look, although neither made a huge impact, they were still able to show their personality through a classic and cohesive look. Vic's outfit, however, is too simple and the shirt looks cheap and old. Thomas Raggi's outfit is equally disappointing; the print is tacky and the color is unfavorable.

Conan Gray, wearing a white blazer that turned into a sheer duster with lace detailing by Harris Reed. This is a romantic-goth look that clearly expresses Conan's music style, which is definitely something more romantic. The outfit has a few details, such as the heels, that make a big impact and transform the look into a beautiful garment that fit the event and his personality.

Anitta, wearing a long red dress with an exposed breast being covered by an anatomical heart by Schiaparelli Couture. Everything about this look is perfect, the details of the anatomical heart and artery on the left chest, the way that the corset is missing the left part, the bold red color, all contribute in creating a unique and mesmerizing design. While I do think this outfit was amazing, I think there could've been something added to the skirt in order to create a more striking effect.

Overall I was not very satisfied with the outfits; the VMAs are supposed to be a place for you to wear something that you wouldn't wear elsewhere, most of the looks were very simple and could easily be worn in everyday life, so I expected a lot more. The best outfit of the night in my opinion goes to Lizzo, who, with her over-the-top outfit, managed to grasp the true proposal of the VMA's red carpet.

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