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We will get there - EABH v. PASB Boys' Soccer

Updated: Sep 30, 2023

Finally, with a slightly more pleasant climate, the first soccer game of the day started -- and this time, the boys were determined to win after their last soccer game. The match was competitive from the start, with both EABH and PASB teams playing really well. The Hawks tried to make the game work for Eduardo Calixto (7), one of the team's best players and the main striker. Although he was injured in the knee from the last basketball game that he played, he did a very good job and played beautifully. Close to the end of the first half, PASB scored a goal due to the lack of attention from the Hawks' defence, opening the scoreboard with 0x1. After the goal, one of the opposing team's players snatched the corner flag to celebrate, but his action resulted in a yellow card for the whole team.

The second half started with a change in strategy for the Hawks, since they were trying to turn the game around; however, the midfield couldn't produce enough moves for the offence to score. Within the first 10 minutes, a ball kicked by a Panthers touched the hand of an EABH player near the goal, which resulted in a penalty. Unfortunately, Eduardo Bonato (21) didn't manage to catch the PASB's penalty and the Panthers scored once again (0x2). From then on, the game became more agonising, with the EABH players trying to score the first goal of the match to turn the situation around while PASB players tried to score the third goal and win the game. In this nerve-wracking competition between the two schools, PASB ended up winning once again, and another goal was scored, guaranteeing their victory. This game did not have the ideal result, but the Hawks did their best to remain competitive -- this time, unfortunately, it was not enough.

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