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  • Gustavo Ribeiro

What Are Humans Doing With Their Lives?

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

Humans have wandered Earth for about 300,000 years, and today's world looks like this. There are not enough houses for everyone, not enough money, food, lots of pollution in the air, plastic in the oceans, bad education for some people, some with disabilities, and even people that don't live in these terrible conditions have problems. Humans have been suffering with work and rent, and we have tried to make it easier by creating apps, although they never completely ends our agony. To make work easier, people have made faster computers, sharper tools, and stronger weapons. To make rent easier, we have made credit card bank accounts, digital reminders. But, in the end, it didn't change the fact that we needed to work and pay rent.

What are we doing with our lives? We know that the world has changed tremendously and advanced in unimaginable ways, but what is humanity’s goal? What are we trying to reach? We have invented tools that can notify people thousands of miles away, that allow us to work, to have fun, to communicate, and to be connected with the world no matter where we are. Still, we keep striving to find ways to advance even more. Life is like a 4 piece jigsaw puzzle, making a successful species that survives for a good amount of time is those 4 pieces. However, we are not satisfied with only those 4 pieces, because we have already survived long enough, we have already filled in those 4 pieces. As we progressed with computers, cars, and smart fridges, we have achieved way more than only 4, 5, 100 pieces, to the jigsaw puzzle. We are going out of the box.

What cars, phones, and paper all have in common is that they make our life more comfortable. We don't need to drive to a place if we can walk there, we don't need a phone if we can just talk face-to-face, we don't need home pools, people can just swim in natural bodies of water. All we have done is make our lives better. But what if we just leave our world behind? What if we create our own reality? I have thought of an answer.

In order to obtain that, everyone could get into capsules that preserve life forever, and, therefore, maximum comfort would be achieved, considering you would be basically controlling your dreams. According to sleep foundation, “studies have also linked dreams to effective thinking, memory, and emotional processing.” Gathering everything you have ever loved in a peaceful world, these capsules would do their best to make your experience as real as possible, so that your laughs will still bring you joy and a bad day will continue leaving you in a bad mood. The capsules would be made out of lots of water-proof wires and very strong material, like diamond. We would acquire lots of them from asteroid mining and their energy, similarly, will be obtained from black holes that, in the future, are predicted to have harnessable energy (Freeman Dyson). I know, it sounds crazy. But not impossible. Definetely not impossible.

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