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What do students think of the school food?

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

Interviewer: What do you think of the school food? Is it good, neutral, or bad?

Cauã: Bad.. I think that there should be more than one main dish option, as well as another option of meat, not just chicken, every day.

Isabela T.: Bad. There is usually only one main dish option. I’d like it if there were other options of meat, not just chicken every day.

Anna: Bad, but there are some days that are good. I think that there should be better snack options, not just cheese with bread, something more nutritious.

Pedro: Neutral but I’d like to have more variable food options.

Isabela R.:- Bad.

Annie: Good. I don't know what should be better.

João: Bad.

Isabel: Bad: I prefer Argentinian food, but I would like more options.

Gabriela: Good, but I’d like more variety.

Hector: Neutral, but there is not a lot option the food is inconsistent.

Isa: Good, but I would like more options.

Maria Eduarda: I’m neutral about it.

Eduardo: Bad, I feel like there could be more quality.

Ted: Bad, I would like the food to be hotter, more varied, and I’d like more pasta.

Marcela: Bad. I wish there were more options, roasted potatoes everyday, chicken more cooked, and more pasta.

Luiza M: Good; I think that it has gotten better. but I would like to have more options.

Lucas: Good, but there could be more options.

Luiza R.: Neutral. I’d like there to be more options for vegetarians.

Fernanda: Excellent. I love school food, but think that there should be dessert everyday.


A lot of the students, according to this research, think that school food is not good, and that it needs to have more variety. In my opinion, as a school journalist, the school should not have chicken everyday for lunch, and several students agree with me. I also think that the salads could use some creativity, not just the usual tomatoes, lettuce and another more vegetable. The school food could be improved nutritionally by not avoiding a lot of pasta: there should be manioc, potatoes more often and vegetarian options. Despite those flaws, generally, the school's food is (for all matters) healthy and tasty.

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