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  • Giovanna Heringer

Why should everyone have a pet?

People’s daily routines would be much better if everyone was accompanied by an animal, and the importance of living with them for humans has already been proven by scientists.Spending time with animals is beneficial to humans since they brighten our days just with their presence. You can play a lot together and I'm sure that they want to play with you too. However some animals are more difficult to interact with since they are more skittish, so you can find a way to stay together without annoying them. Being friends with an animal is the best thing you are going to prove; you can count on them in all situations, just be careful when they are eating or sleeping. 

The world has a lot of different animals, and there are two types of them: the one that you can take care of at home (domestic animals) and ones that you can’t take care at home because they live in the wilderness ( wild animals).The more common domestic animals are dogs and cats, while other domesticated pets people have in their home are birds, hamsters, rabbits, fish, guinea pig, and others. Wild animals are like lions, tigers, elephants , wolves, and others. An interesting fact is that some celebrities take care of wild animals, examples are: Mike Tyson’s tiger, Ice-T’s shark,Leonardo DiCaprio’s African tortoise, Justin Bieber’s capuchin monkey and others. 

I myself am an example of a happy pet owner.I have two dogs and they are everything to me! I love to spend time with them as they make my days happier. They want the attention of everyone to play with them. They are a Golden Retriever (namedPinot Noir) and a Pomeranian (named Lord). Pinot Noir, which we call “Nonô”, is so cute! He is so messy and tame, he loves to play with everyone who is willing to. Lord, who we call “Loló”, is so cute as well! He is a little skittish so we have to know how to interact with him, but all in all he is adorable.

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