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Women's Basketball: EABH Turns the Game Around and Wins Against OLM

Tension was already built between EABH and Our Lady of Mercy athletes when their girls’ varsity basketball teams faced each other at 11:45 a.m. The game started off unpromising, as the adversary finished the first quarter with an advantage of 4 points towards EABH. OLM’s team proved to have very good defense alongside a cheerleading team of 24 students (including 15 middle schoolers) which were very loud and distracting. In the third quarter, however, the Hawks managed to tie the scores at 12x12 and after that the tables turned. In the fourth quarter, OLM did not score any points and EABH gave a magnificent performance, up to the last second. The referee marked the end of the game at 22x12, and the Hawks joyfully celebrated their win.

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