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Women's Basketball: Lady Hawks Loose Semifinals by 1 point

After an impressive winning streak at all basketball games, EABH suffered its first loss at the varsity girls’ basketball semifinals with the close result of 13x14. They played a great game against British Barra, whose team had quick tactics to steal the ball, attack and dominate the game. The first half ended as EABH 03, British 09; however, halftime was very important and the second half was quite different. The Lady Hawks made their comeback and tied the game in the fourth quarter, 12x12, and then overcame the Falcons by one point. An unfortunate shot at the very end caused EABH to lose. Throughout the game the girls were determined and fierce but distracted by impolite and disrespectful cheering from the Falcons’ audience, which had the clear objective to harm them. The same cannot be said about the Hawks: the crowd was nothing but supportive to the girls, and cheered to the very end.

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