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Women's Basketball: We Got 3rd Place!

The EABH Lady Hawks’ Basketball team have won 3rd place in their final game against the infamous “dramatic” Our Lady of Mercy (OLM) Lancers. Within the first few seconds of the game, EABH scored 2 baskets for a total of 4 points made by birthday captain of the team, Alicia Ferreira (7) and star player Lydia Pfile (13), followed by 2 more points made by Annie Santos (2) leaving us at 02 x 06 in the first quarter. In the third quarter, the Lady Hawks doubled their points to 20 as the Lancers gained 2 more: 06 x 20. In that same quarter, Alicia Ferreira and Carol Bonato (8) made their two baskets within the same minute once again. The most recent game before this one, was Hawks against OLM in Boy’s Soccer, which they won with 5 x 1, giving us a prideful start to the conclusion of this season. During this basketball game, however, Coach Fred pointed out the ongoing dispute about the bias the NR Referees have against EABH. They called 6 fouls against the Hawks and only 1 against the Lancers since, throughout the championship, the Lancers in Girl’s Basketball have been known for faking their fauls and purposely tripping. Past the tension, the game finished with a score of 08 x 20 against unofficial rivals OLM Lancers, placing EABH Hawks in 3rd place of Season 1 of ISSL! All Hawks ran to the court congratulating the victory of Lady Hawks of Basketball while singing Happy Birthday for team captain, Alica Ferreira.

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