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Women's Soccer: EABH Starts the Season with an Unfortunate Defeat

The ISSL championship officially started its games today (29). EABH's first women's soccer game was against PASB. The dispute was very fierce, the ball possession time was very good, and EABH's conduct was exemplary. The girls were able to communicate very well with each other and with coaches Sandro and Daniel. They organized themselves on the field in a way that they caught the ball on defense because the ball was more in the EABH field. The final score was 2 x 0 for PASB. The girls started the game nervous as it was the first game of the season, but as the game progressed, they got used to it and played very well. Both goalkeepers Bruna and Annie managed to position themselves well on the field, and despite having conceded two goals, they did very well.

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