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Women's Soccer: Massive Win for our Lady Hawks

The lady hawks played their second football game today against OLM. They had an extremely good game, where the final score was 5 x 0. Coach Sandro and Daniel managed to replace all the girls several times and even then the team remained very strong. The game had several highlights of players like Laura Calixto who scored 3 goals and after the end of the match, received the ball (whoever gets the ball is the most well-achieving player in the match). In addition, Gabriela Carvalho scored a goal and Alicia Ferreira scored another. All the players were very confident and in general, they made very few mistakes. Annie stayed in goal during both halves and defended the opposing team's balls very well. The two teams had had conflicts over past games but still managed to maintain respect for each other and have a fair game. For example, during the match, the OLM goalkeeper unknowingly committed a foul, because of this, EABH played fair play and kicked the ball to the baseline. Both EABH and OLM played well regardless of the score. LET'S GO HAWKS!

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