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Women's Soccer: The Lady Hawks Have Qualified For the Semi-Finals

The EABH women's soccer team played this morning against Nations, and the final score of the game was 2 x 0 for the Lady Hawks. Both the conduct, the organization in the field, and the communication of the girls were very good. Two of the players who stood out were Bruna Gontijo and Carol Bonato, who even won the game ball (the players who stand out the most in the match receive the ball). Furthermore, player Malu Motta has shown great progress both in today's game and in previous games.

Curiously, one of the best players of Nations scored an own goal, during the first half of the match. The ball grazed Marcela Borlido's head while Malu Motta and Laura Calixto were close by, so, according to EABH players, "the girl apparently despaired and hit the goal." Even so, the referee counted it as Malu Motta's goal.

The Lady Hawks changed the formation of the defense and managed to strengthen it a lot compared to their first game. With the victory of the Lady Hawks, they will play later in the semi finals in hopes of reaching the final! GO LADY HAWKS!

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