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Women's Volleyball: A Minor Loss for the Lady Hawks in the Last Group Stage Game - 03/31

The second game of the Lady Hawks for Girl's Volleyball was disputed against OLM. Oddly enough, their match once again took place at 9:30 PM, which had the crowds and players extremely exhausted.

Nevertheless, throughout the game, OLM students were actively cheering for their team, while EABH seemed a bit more sleepy (winning is tiring after all).

The Lady Hawks managed to dominate the first set without much contestation from OLM. However, in the second set, both teams tied for a moment at 21 - 21, from where OLM would take the lead.

In the final fifteen-point set, the rivalry was at an all-time high. While EABH tried its hardest, OLM took the win home with a final scoreboard of 15 - 13.

Fortunately, the Lady Hawks are still expected to qualify for the semi-finals against PASPOA tomorrow, so this loss shouldn't take a great toll on the players' morale.

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