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Women Soccer: The Lady Hawks Crush OLM - 03/31

For the Lady Hawks' third soccer game of the season, they faced the Lancers. In the past, EABH performed very well against OLM, and this time was no exception.

Even before the match had started, OLM's crowd was giving their all with chants, provocations, flag waving, and other celebrations. However, their happiness was short-lived. Within the very first seconds of the game, Marina (10) got into the box and scored, opening up the scoreboard for the Lady Hawks.

After the first goal, the others followed naturally. Laura Calixto (22) came in with a second one seconds after Marina's goal. In a matter of minutes, she scored another one, leaving the scoreboard at 3 - 0 for EABH! Fortunately, the team kept this offensive behavior for the rest of the first half. The team captain, Anna Flávia Escobar (4), gave the Lady Hawks another one with a beautiful shot from the center of the field.

For the sadness of OLM, that was just the beginning of their defeat in the first half. Laura, yet again, entered the box and scored herself a hat trick! Without a doubt, she was the MVP of the match. Gabriela Carvalho (9) also wanted a piece of the cake and closed the first half 6 - 0 with a successful penalty kick.

After halftime, the Lady Hawks completely altered the team's composition through substitutions to allow other girls to play and let the first-choice players get their much-deserved rest. While the players got used to OLM's playing style, the Lancers scored their first one through a successful counter-attack. On another attacking opportunity, Ana Julia managed to defend one of their shots.

In the last minutes, Gabi scored the final point of the match, bringing the game to a 7 - 1 – a scoreboard that reminds us all of that sad night in the 2014 World Cup. At least this time we were in Germany's place.

Despite being crushed by EABH, the Lancers kept cheering at all times, even singing Bohemian Rhapsody at one point and performing acrobatics. The Lady Hawks and other spectators certainly enjoyed their persistence and optimism.

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