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You Are Being Sold! You Just Don't Know it Yet

We all know that while we are browsing the web, using social media or even just listening to some music, we are susceptible to data collection from the companies that own that software, and that is in most cases their biggest way of earning profit. These companies, mainly Google and Facebook, sell your personal data to other companies which later use this information in their favor. While most people think that this is not that big of a deal, a recent Ad from Apple tries to convince people of the opposite in a very interesting way, by presenting what happens with your data in an easier to understand and more appealing way.

After watching the ad, most people get shocked. They feel betrayed and want to take action right away, so I’ve already got some tips on how to protect your privacy on-line:

  1. Use Apple devices.

    1. Although most people know Apple for its great cameras and beautiful phone designs, it has privacy as its principle and is better than any other company at protecting your personal information. Also, because Android is owned by Google, a company leading in selling personal data, phones that use this system as their operating, are 0 privacy-friendly.

  2. Use the default apps on your Apple devices.

    1. Health, Maps, Safari, and Music are all examples of great apps that, when compared to popular ones, are not just better at their functions but also in protecting your privacy. Instead of providing google with your principal locations when using GoogleMaps, use AppleMaps instead and have your data protected. The same stands for AppleMusic, which not only had the higher sound quality in any music streaming app but also keeps your music preferences private.

  3. Use the option “Ask app not to track” when using second-party apps.

Simple as that. Do as Ellie did on the ad, click “Ask app not to track” and have all your data disappear from the bad guys.

  1. When using an unknown app or website, don’t provide them with sensitive information.

Instead of writing your card details to finish an order, use Apple Pay. Rather than giving them your full name, use the name of the app or the website as your surname, that way, if you receive ads that are surprisingly accurate, you will know right away who sold your data and be able to request them to delete the data they have about you. For instance, I once created an amazon account with the name “Vitor Amazon” and bought a tennis racquet, the next day I received an ad on my e-mail saying: “Vitor Amazon, check out these amazing tennis ball deals we have for you on our website”, but it wasn’t from Amazon, it was from another company, meaning Amazon sold my data to another company. Thus, I sent Amazon an e-mail asking them to delete all data they had from me stored in their database.

I hope you enjoy these tips and can use them to keep your privacy safe, it is a human right and we can’t just give it up easily!

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