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ISSL Final Day Highlights (10/01)

The day started off well with a fierce 5x1 victory in boys' soccer, Hawks vs. OLM Lancers. Said outcome placed EABH’s team on the seventh place this season. Our good fortune went on as the girls’ varsity basketball team also won their last game, against OLM as well, with the final scores of 20x08. This guaranteed them third place!

Those games were followed by the boys’ basketball team Finals against St. Paul’s. The match was very intense and EABH ended up losing, 17x39. The results, however, were not negative: they got a spot at Nationals and the silver medal.

EABH’s last game of the season was Finals for girls’ varsity soccer. The Lady Hawks played against British Barra’s Falcons and had the advantage of two goals for most of the game, but the Falcons caught up and scored a third goal in the match’s final moments. The girls therefore had the same outcome as the boys: second place and a ticket to Nationals!

The day was finalized with the tournament’s traditional closing ceremony, in which they awarded teams and highlighted outstanding players. For more information, check out the ceremony's own piece.

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