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  • Thuptim Appleton

Lady Hawks shoot for Bronze - EABH v. OLM girls basketball

The game started off with a heavy mood. It was only a few hours before that the Lady Hawks had lost their game to British Barra -- which stung, to say the least. EABH was fired up to get at least a bronze after being snubbed a silver. They now had to face their biggest rival: Our Lady of Mercy (OLM).

Pedro Jorge, the captain of the boys team, who was injured in his last game, was cheering from the bench along with all the players, leading the huddles along with Coach Tamara. EABH’s other basketball coach sadly could not make it to the game, but EABH students were able to be present and support the Lady Hawks. The opposing team’s audience, who was composed of a whole cheering squad, was somehow worse than EABH students, who took it upon themselves to do the Macarena whenever a Lady Hawk scored and start an impromptu cheer team.

The game itself went pretty smoothly for EABH. Everyone who played truly made an impact on the match. Team Captain Lydia Pfile (13) was able to honor her brothers by wearing their Pfile tradition “eyes up, rise up” tape. Mafe Valerine (7) was amazing on defense, intimidating all of the OLM players. When she fell and got injured, Coach Tamara was able to cheer her up, bringing a smile to the whole audience’s face. Carolina Bonato (14) played amazingly and scored over five baskets, truly solidifying that she is a force to be reckoned with. The team came together as one during this game and secured the Bronze medal for themselves. Their previous game's defeat was not enough to bring them down and, instead, were able to place third in this season of ISSL. EABH is endlessly proud of the girls. Go Lady Hawks!

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