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Women's Soccer: EABH Wins Semifinals Against Saint Paul's

With a score of 0 x 2, EABH Lady Hawks’ soccer team dominates the semi-finals against St. Paul’s Lions! Although the first half of the game was tied at 0, majority of it was on the offensive side of the field and when it wasn’t Bruna Gontijo (1) tackled each ball that came her way together with unbreakable defense by Laura Calixto (11) and Marcela Borlido (4). Anna Flavia Escobar (5), recently named Best Player of the Match by the team and coaches, made the first goal followed by Gabriela Carvalho (9) making the second a few minutes later! The audience was singing and dancing in support of the team, filling the entire field with energy until the final whistle blew. Everyone ran to the middle of the field with utter joy in preparation for the finals tomorrow, Oct. 1.

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